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Samsung NU6900 43 Review – Is Samsung’s Entry Level TV Worth It?

by Ronnie
Samsung NU6900 43

Samsung – a leading name in electronics. Television sets – an extremely diversified market where everyone claims to be the best. Choosing a new TV can be a challenge, no doubt about it. Hopefully, my Samsung NU6900 43 review will help you clear out some of the confusion.

Samsung’s release is relatively cheap when compared to other units that can do similar things. It feels a bit sketchy, right? I thought the same, so I started researching the market and digging a bit deeper. I have to tell you – it is different from what you expect.

But before going into smaller details, who is this TV for, what makes it so special and what should you look for before spending your money? Only then you can make a properly informed decision, rather than spending money randomly.

Samsung NU6900

Who the Samsung NU6900 43 set is for

So, who should get this TV? It is such a broad category of people who could use this TV, so I will just make it easier – here is who should not buy it.

If you are an avid gamer who spends hours a day paying attention to every little detail and perhaps playing with friends too, this may not be the most advanced unit in the world for you. While it will provide a great experience, you can find better for a little more money.

Second, if you are one of those people who want the newest and “bestest” thing on the market, the NU6900 43 is not for you. This is an entry level set with quality features. I would categorize it above average, but not high end.

Anyone else? Perfect.

Pros of Samsung NU6900 43

Just like any other TV set out there, this one comes with some pluses that many others cannot match. The contrast is quite good and what makes it even better is the fact that it is native. It is not enhanced with all kinds of technologies, but native.

Now, I had to mention this in my Samsung NU6900 43 review – the input lag is extremely low. At this point, the NU6900 43 model can easily compete with high-end models that cost twice or thrice as much.

Samsung NU6900 43” 4K Smart TV

What makes Samsung NU6900 43 an entry-level set

Some would say it is the price. Fine, but why is the price low? There are a few minutes that most people will overlook – I am not talking about gamers or perfectionists here. For example, you only have two HDMI ports – more than enough for most people, but not for tech freaks.

Other than that, the picture is not the best when viewed at an angle, so you should stay in its range. It is still good at 50 or 130 degrees, but it will not impress you at 30 or 150 degrees.

Technical features

Now, what kind of tech specs should you expect?

Design and build

The design is classic – thin and wide. Watched from profile, the bottom is a bit thicker than the top. It is similar to the NU7100 model, which is a high end alternative that costs much more. The casing is plastic, but that should not put you off. As for the stand, there are two – one on each side. You can also wall mount it without protruding too much.

It is not a curved screen

Picture quality

The picture quality is quite good for this price. The contrast ratio is excellent and accuracy will not disappoint you. Glare could be a problem if the light source is too intense though. Also, since the color gamut is not wide enough, HDR content will be a bit limited.

In my opinion, you can achieve a perfect watching environment in a dim room. Do not expect luxury, but just good quality standards – suitable for everyday uses.


Motion is basic for TVs in this range. The response time is fast and can compete against better-rated units – 7.7 milliseconds at 80%. The refresh rate is set at 120Hz, which might cause flicker occasionally.

I found motion interpolation capabilities to be good, while the BFI feature will add to image quality and crispness.


The low input lag is amazing. The TV can take most resolutions out there, as well as chroma 4:4:4. I often use it as a gaming monitor too. Also, connect the player to the receiver if you want to use a home stereo system. It prevents the TV taking the DTS for PCM.

Final words

I hope my Samsung NU6900 43 review has made it obvious – this TV is great for mixed everyday usage. It has a good image quality, as well as a good input lag. It is responsive and features a great native contrast – wonderful for both TV watching and gaming.

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