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Panasonic TC-65CX400U Review – Is This The Best Entry Level TV On The Market?

by Ronnie

Panasonic’s TC-65CX400U came as a surprise to the TV industry. The TV was released as part of a value line with basic features, soon after the manufacturer came up with some high-end models. All in all, this new line comes with great performance, good features for the average user and cost-efficiency.

Just because this is a step down from Panasonic’s previous line, it does not mean that it can be overlooked. In fact, you have solid smart connectivity, accurate colors and capabilities – just not so many bells and whistles, hence the lower price.

My TC-65CX400U review should give you all the information you require before making an informed decision. As you will find out, Panasonic has actually caused some surprise and confusion with this new set. Now, what exactly should you know about it before spending your money?

Who the TC-65CX400U TV is for

Panasonic TC-65CX400U

Simply put, this new TV set is for mixed users. Whether you like to watch TV, enhance your home cinema system, play some games or just get your first TV for a new house, this model will make things work for you.

On the other hand, if you are an avid gamer who needs every millisecond they can get during a game, you might look elsewhere and spend a few times more on a high-end model. This one is good too, so sometimes, it might be your personal skill that needs an upgrade.

Also, if you tend to buy the newest mobile phones, audio systems, monitors and TVs as they come out, you will have to spend more. This TV set is above average and will satisfy 95% of all users, but it will not satisfy picky users who want the best of the best.

What makes the TC-65CX400U a good choice

While there are quite a few good options in this range, I think the TC-65CX400U TV stands out through its colors and screen.

I loved its color setup – it is purely excellent. It is realistic and clean, but it can also compete against more expensive sets.

Most people do not pay attention to it, but screen uniformity is just as good.

Tips on buying a new TV set

Thinking to buy a new TV set and my TC-65CX400U review makes it appealing? Even if you want something else, here are a few tips that will make you understand why this set is a good choice.

You need at least a couple of HDMI ports. Do not accept less than that.

Ignore the contrast-ratio number. Those specifications are nothing but showoffs. Manufacturers can play with numbers too, so trust your eyes only. Also, do not take the “smartness” into consideration. Most TVs today are smart TVs, so this is not such a big deal anymore.

You might need an audio system too. TV speakers are not as good as the image because they are thin now, so solid speakers are simply left behind.

Features and specifications

Now, what makes Panasonic TC-65CX400U such a good choice?


With a native refresh rate of 120Hz, the TC-65CX400U will clear blurring out. The manufacturer has come up with a new technology – Motion Estimation Compensation – to provide a soap opera effect. The image is dramatically smoothed that the picture looks like an unreal live video. Some people hate it, while others may like it – fully adjustable though.


Panasonic goes a bit further when it comes to inputs – you have three HDMI 2.0 inputs. There are also a couple of USB ports, as well as an optical audio input, a cable connection and an Ethernet port. A composite video connection is also there, on the left side of the unit.

There are a few buttons – power, volume, channel and input – on the right side of the TV too.

Viewing angle

Some might say that the viewing angle is one of the things that makes this TV an entry level model. To the average user, it will not make such a difference. You can have the TV in the middle and a few couches around it. Go to a 50 degree angle and you can still watch it. If you sit at 45 degrees or less, the color will degrade a bit. It is all about the layout of your room and the distance to the TV.


Measuring 65 inches in size and featuring a thin design, the TC-65CX400U is classic. There is a black bezel border around the screen. It sits on some silver feet, but it can also be wall-mounted.

Sound is good for its thin profile. It will provide a nice experience, but if you truly want a home cinema feeling, you will need a separate audio system.

Final words

Bottom line, I hope this TC-65CX400U review will make it clear for you – Panasonic concentrated on image quality at an affordable rate and did a great job. Colors can compare to higher end models costing more, although you do not always have the possibility to adjust everything in the smallest details.

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