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LG Nano 8 Series Review – Discovering Innovation

by Ronnie
LG Nano 8 Series

Whether it comes to incredibly accurate colors, top-notch processors or a proper home cinema experience, investing in the right screen is a must. Basically, there are certain considerations you need to think about, as well as the market evolution to determine its cost efficiency – both now and in the future.

My LG Nano 8 Series review comes after many months of debating. I did need a new screen, but I had no idea what would make me happy. Besides, I wanted something that is cool now, but will be cool within years too, if you know what I mean.

All in all, if you want a beautiful screen for the living room, supremely smart connectivity and well upscaled content, you better go through this entire review before making a final decision. So, what do you need to know about LG’s top notch technology?

Few tips when considering a new TV

Looking for a future proof set? Do not settle for anything with a resolution smaller than 4K. While 8K is also out, it is still too early to call it a trend. Your new 4K unit will most likely run the market for many years.

On another note, you need a top 120Hz refresh rate or higher. Again, it is all about having a future proof unit, as well as a quality experience.

A HDR compatible set is a must if you want a proper contrast and great colors. It is not a general rule, but I would not settle for something without such high end features.

Finally, go for at least a couple of HDMI ports.

LG Nano 8 Series 4K 65 inch Class Smart UHD NanoCell TV

Who could use the LG Nano 8 Series

It is only my humble opinion, but I think LG Nano 8 Series is currently the most cost efficient unit on the market. It is great for those who want a proper TV experience, be it for movies, games or just the news.

However, to be honest, I would not buy it for my 83 year old grandmother who only watches a couple of soap operas and the daily news. On the same note, it is not the best choice for your kid’s bedroom – unless they are avid gamers.

What makes the LG Nano 8 Series so special

LG has come up with a super easy setup – you do not need any experience or knowledge. Connecting to your WiFi system is intuitive and simple as well. But what makes it unbelievable is the picture quality that LG has managed to achieve.

The image is extremely bright (not disturbing though), while the colors and details are sharp and clearly visible. If you upgrade from an older TV, you will be stunned.

Features and specifications

My LG Nano 8 Series review will mostly focus on things that matter to the average TV buyer, rather than the avid gamer or tech freak.

Assistance technology

LG is the first manufacturer to integrate both Alexa and Google Assistant. While other companies will follow, LG is the pioneer, so those engineers know how to do it better than anyone. If you have one of these assistants, you will love the convenience.

Some features might require third party subscriptions though. Also, the service is limited to a few languages only.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the future. This model comes with an astonishing Alpha 7 Gen 2 Intelligent processor. It is boosted by artificial intelligence, so do not be surprised to find out how intuitive it is after using the TV for a few times.

Furthermore, the system comes with better colors, action and images than most other units in this range.

Dolby capabilities

The LG Nano 8 Series has been enhanced with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos capabilities. What does it mean? The picture is vivid and clear, leaving no room for foggy or sketchy areas. On the other hand, the audio is powerful, clean and clear, regardless of the volume. You will literally feel like you are in the middle of the action.

With these aspects in mind, the TV was perfect for my little personalized home cinema system. Lights off, fun on.

Other technologies

The more I discovered about this TV, the more impressed I was. Basically, you have a wide viewing angle – IPS technology, as well as dimming technologies with local control. They bring in the optimal balance of darks, lights, and contrast. It is worth mentioning HDR capabilities too, plus the HDMI ports and the 120Hz refresh rate.

Final words

In conclusion, I hope my LG Nano 8 Series review will clear things out for you. LG has designed a TV that stands out in the crowd. Not only is it modern for today’s standards, but it is also expected to face the test of time in terms of innovation, features and quality standards.

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