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Klipsch R 10SW Review – The Truth Behind A Leading Subwoofer

by Ronnie
Klipsch R 10SW

Klipsch R 10SW is currently one of the leading subwoofers on the market. It is part of a more extensive segment of products launched by the reputable manufacturer. While it may not be the newest on the market (several more recent versions have been released already), it is still a solid player that draws lots of attention.

My Klipsch R 10SW review is based on my curiosity to understand why lots of people still buy this model when slightly newer releases are already out. Is it the fear of trying something new that might be faulty? Is it the reputation of R 10SW that leaves no room for mistakes?

Go through my review to understand the strengths that keep this subwoofer on top of its competition and find out who it is recommended to.

Klipsch Reference R 10sw 300w Home Cinema Powered Subwoofer

What makes Klipsch R10SW a top player

You know you cannot go wrong with something that has been tested and recommended by thousands of users, right? To me, this is sound enough to convince me, but at the same time, a few details can help you determine whether the subwoofer is right for you.

The LFE inputs and line are some of the reasons behind its popularity. Basically, it is compatible with pretty much any home cinema system, even if you have an older one that needs an upgrade. Other than that, the subwoofer is entirely digital. Music is clean and clear – as close as possible to the original source.

Last, but not least, everyone will check the price too. Compared to its competition (which is poor in features anyway), the subwoofer is extremely affordable. Its value for money is excellent, hence its popularity.

Who should buy Klipsch R10SW

Klipsch R 10SW is recommended for a series of applications. If you have a home cinema system, it will rock your world. It will take your audio experience to a new level and can enhance small details that are unnoticeable otherwise. It makes no difference if you have a new or an old fashioned system – this subwoofer is clearly an upgrade.

Second, you may even find a Klipsch R 10SW review or two about its business capabilities. It is not suitable for large environments like concerts though, but it can seriously boost experience in a small place, such as a concert in a small pub.

Last, but not least, those who take their music seriously will love the upgrade.

Technical specifications and features

Now, what should you be aware of in terms of features?


Made of polymer veneer and painted black, the subwoofer is subtle and elegant. It features a copper cone in the central part for a colorful effect. On the back, you have all the inputs, as well as a few logos on a painted element.

It only weighs 25 pounds, so it is portable and can go anywhere. The black design also makes it suitable in terms of style.

Setup and configuration

The setup is straightforward – no experience required. I liked how detailed the user manual is. You can place it on various stands or under furniture shelves without worrying about trembling.

It does not have any rigging points, so it cannot go on a wall or a ceiling. You can use wireless connectivity or a classic AC adapter. Everything is located at the back.

Sound performance and quality

The deep bass is one of the results that make Klipsch R 10SW such a widely appreciated subwoofer. The frequency response will fluctuate widely based on the sound. It can go anywhere from 32Hz to 120Hz. When it comes to the actual reproduction of music, you will love the clear and neat sound – all because of a 300 watt amplifier.

The rigid injection modeled woofer represents the main feature. It boosts the low frequency and prevents all kinds of sound distortions. If you have used other subwoofers before, you can kiss rumbling noises goodbye.


The 150 watt nominal power amplifier is flawless – it can go up to 300 watts. You can change the phase control, as well as the bass. This kind of customization is great, as you can achieve the right sound in any room.

Other than that, some of the inputs are designed for low frequency effects, as well as line level effects. This feature adds to the compatibility with lots of home cinemas and receivers – including old fashioned models.

The volume knob is not on the front, but it is still easy to reach. Moreover, you have a very long cord – yay – and an automatic turn on/off feature.

Final words

Bottom line, I think my Klipsch R 10SW review makes it obvious. For the price and quality, this subwoofer is excellent. It is elegant and can fit anywhere. It may not have the highest characteristics on the market, but it has what it needs to dominate the segment and make everyone happy.

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