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Jaybird Bluebuds X2 Reviews – Is There Any Competition For This?

by Ronnie
Jaybird Bluebuds X2

Jaybird is one of the leading names in sports-related wireless Bluetooth headphones. While there are plenty of Jaybird Bluebuds X2 reviews, the model is not really new. In fact, it has a few predecessors that were just as popular.

In fact, when I first saw the new release, I could barely tell the difference between its appearance and its predecessors. However, it does come with a few improvements that can justify the higher price. Obviously, going into smaller details will help you understand why the newer release is better.

Whether it comes to good aspects or negative things, knowing what to expect can help you make an informed decision. Besides, there are a few considerations that most fans did not expect – despite Jaybird having a loyal fan base.

Buying sports headphones

What do you need to look for in sports headphones and how does Jaybird Bluebuds X2 can cope with these requirements?

Going wireless is a must. Whether you jog and the wire keeps hitting you in the chin, you do abs exercises or you lift some weights, wires will be a nightmare – no doubts about it.

Other than that, in-ear headphones represent a better choice. Not only are they lightweight, but they are more secure than bulky headphones or those covering the ear, which will most likely slip out as you move.

Fortunately, Jaybird Bluebuds X2 covers both of these essential aspects.

What makes Jaybird Bluebuds X2 so good

Jaybird has an impressive fan base. Besides, there are lots of positive Jaybird Bluebuds X2 reviews, regardless of where you want to buy from. How come?

Compared to the competition – and even the previous generation, this new model comes with a more comfortable design. You do need comfort when it comes to in ear designs. Also, the battery life will surprise you – up to eight hours. You can charge them overnight only, as they should last over a day with breaks.

Sweat proofing has also been improved, not to mention the carrying case.

Who should get Jaybird Bluebuds X2

Generally speaking, sports headphones come with a limited battery – up to a few hours. After all, how long do you want to workout? Running headphones carry similar characteristics – a few hours.

When Jaybird added a solid 100mAh battery, it did it to increase the usability of this set. You can use the headphones as you head to the gym, during your workout, on your way back, walking to the mall, going downtown to meet your friends and on your way back home. Altogether, if you do the math, you will use them for four or five hours throughout an entire day.

Since the battery is so efficient, they are just as handy for professional drivers who simply want wireless communication throughout their shifts.

Technical features and specifications

Now, what should you know in terms of features and specs?

Sealing music in

The Jaybird Bluebuds X2 set comes with tight seals to trap music in. For me personally, the best way to use it involves turning the tip just a bit forward. I pushed it up in the ear, while the wrap went around it. Matching this style with the Comply ear tips – covered in foam, the fit is perfect.

Obviously, some people may find a different option. The point is – you have to play with these headphones and find out what works for you.

Sound performance

The sound performance is flawless for in ear headphones. The sound stage is simply excellent, regardless of what kind of music you like. You will love the bass accuracy – just punchy enough for music.

You will find highs and mids extremely clear and clean. In fact, I find them a bit warmer than in other similar headphones – an aspect that you can only spot in top notch headphones.


The Bluetooth connectivity can reach around 30 feet. You can go further, but I feel like the signal is partially lost. When close to the device, call quality is amazing.

Furthermore, this set comes with a voice assistant – Jenna. She will not do too much for you, but she has some charming audio prompts – a small thing, but a lasting impression. Good job, Jaybird!


The battery life is advertised to go up to eight hours. Well, I have managed to squeeze over 10 hours one day – obviously, on and off. This is what makes Jaybird stands out in the crowd. The closest competitor can only go for around six hours.

Final words

The bottom line, it is easy to understand why you can find so many positive Jaybird Bluebuds X2 reviews. It is no surprise why Jaybird has such a loyal fan base – it puts quality first and it delivers it in a professional manner. At this point, there is no competition if you want performance and convenience.

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