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B&W 702 S2 Review – What Makes This Speaker System So Special

by Ronnie

Whether you are trying to come up with your own home cinema or you need a proper audio system for parties, Bowers & Wilkins has always been a primary choice. Its CM series dominated the market in terms of sound quality and durability for quite a while.

It was hard to imagine that B&W could come with a better choice, but surprisingly enough, it did. In fact, I was stunned to “test drive” one of their recent releases, as I realized it takes sound standards to a brand new level. Besides, do not get me started on the actual design of these speakers.

This B&W 702 S2 review will give you all the details you need to know in order to decide whether the audio system is worth your money. Is it really a big upgrade from your current system? Does it have any drawbacks? Will it integrate within your home?

Deciding on an audio system

You need to know why you want an audio system before deciding whether or not you need this one. Is it gaming? Depth to your cinema experience? Maybe wireless connectivity?

Think about the space and current décor too. This set comes in multiple colors, such as white, brown and black. Can you fit in some tall, narrow and relatively bulky speakers?

Now, how about tech specifications? Things like harnessing and controlling resonances, cone displacement, dome tweeter impedance or resonance control networking will affect the final result.

Using the speakers

I think you better set your priorities straight before investing in such a speaker system. My B&W 702 S2 review will let you know what to expect from this set though. Normally, this system is for a few categories of people:

  • Heavy gamers
  • Home cinema owners
  • Party people
  • Audio quality freaks

If you just want an audio system to enhance your music experience while you clean the house or play a game once a week, perhaps you could do with something smaller.

Benefits of B&W 702 S2

The deep bass is certainly a plus. It is controlled and provides a crystal clear sound, regardless of the song. In my opinion, it is what makes this set stand out in the crowd.

To me, the overall design was a plus as well. You can fit this set into both traditional and modern households. Just make sure you get the right color and you cannot go wrong.

What makes B&W 702 S2 so special

B&W 702 S2 comes with some of the high-end features in products that cost up to five times more. For example, the 800 Diamond series from the same manufacturer costs more than an average car, while the B&W 702 S2 model costs about five times less.

To me, knowing that you can get all those technologies at a fraction of the price was the trigger.

Features of B&W 702 S2

So, what should you know about this set before buying it?

High frequencies

The body tweeter housing is entirely made of aluminum – one block, rather than more parts. As a direct consequence, you have a perfect acoustic optimization. Forget about resonances and other interferences that could affect your audio experience.

Pure audio

The pure sound will be the second thing to notice – after the actual design, of course. B&W has invested in precision and purity by coming up with a cone midrange driver under the Continuum trademark. The result?

Every detail can actually be heard. You will discover a smooth and perfectly accurate sound that nothing can beat.


Deep bass

The deep bass makes this set flawless. It is among its most recognizable advantages. How was it achieved? B&W has relied on an Aerofoil Profile bass cone. Not only was it designed with superior computer modeling technologies, but it also comes with variable thickness.

You have rigidity and stiffness when you need it, rather than a buzzing noise. The bass is not just deep, but it also feels dynamic.

Beautiful design

The design will most likely make a great first impression. There are three different styles you can choose from – satin white, rose nut and gloss black. Since I am a big fan of black, I obviously chose the gloss black option. The finish is simply superb – shiny, classic, but still futuristic.

The design is freestanding, so you can spread the set all around the main room. On a side note, let me mention that dust is more visible on black than on other colors.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, this B&W 702 S2 review should make it pretty clear for you. While, after all, this is a speaker system, there are certain technologies and aspects that make it superior to other similar options in the same range. Trying my best to describe it, I can agree that having it in person will give you a completely different idea.

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